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Best Turf Laying Solutions for Beautiful Lawns

Laying a new lawn can offer instant beauty to a garden. It is also one of the best methods for creating and adding a completely new foundation to the lawn or garden. To get the best results for your lawn, turf laying is the best solution to consider. When you are looking for the best turfing solution for your lawn in Baulkham Hills & Castle Hill you need the assistance of a professional landscaping company who can prepare the area and lay the new turf. This is where West-Crete Concrete can be your solution for new turf around Pennant Hills.

How West-Crete Concrete can help?

We start the process of turf laying by scraping and clearing the surface areas to ensure that the ground is completely bare and free from the unneeded growth of roots or plants that may result in some issues in the future. With several years of experience in different types of natural and artificial turf and a keen eye for detail, we can guarantee that we can offer you a pristine and lush green lawn for different commercial and domestic properties around the Castle Hill area.

Turf laying is just one of the excellent services that we offer at West-Crete Concrete. It is a popular choice for many customers who want to quickly improve the look and feel of their real estate properties. Here we have the necessary knowledge, the necessary equipment and some special tools to use the turfing service in the best possible way that the clients expect from us.

We are proud of the expert professionals in our company, who are capable of handling different types of jobs regarding laying turf that include a renewal of old turf to preparing and laying new turf in properties in and around Pennant Hills. Factors like their experience in the field of turfing and the ability to work faster have made us one of the leading turfing companies servicing the Ryde area.

Services that we offer regarding laying turf include:

  1. Inspection of inspecting the area or lawn where the turfing job will be performed. After completing the inspection, we offer a quote for the project.
  2. Before starting the turfing job, we prepare the lawn and level it. Even in the case of re-turfing a lawn, we will dig out the old grass, clear the existing garden waste and the existing grass before preparing the ground.
  3. After that, the soil is prepared by digging through, renovating, flattening and loosening the soil bed for good take.
  4. Next, we use the best quality turf for laying in the lawn or garden
  5. We offer watering and taking proper care to ensure that the turf gets properly established
  6. Then we offer the property owner a complete guide on aftercare of the turf

Why choose West-Crete Concrete?

  • Expert advice and consultation regarding turf laying around Baulkham Hills
  • No obligation quote and a free initial survey of the site
  • Original turfing designs offered by the trusted layers of our company
  • Bespoke design of landscaping
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