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Professional Turf laying Services

West - Crete Concrete - Your Guide To Lay Turf In Your Place

Our turf laying services concentrates on different aspects of turf installation starting from the removal of old grass, hoeing soil rotary, and adding new turf. But laying turf is a labour-intensive and time-consuming job. So, if you want to transform your patchy grass into perfect turf then we suggest you contact a trained and experienced professional turf layer in Castle Hill like West-Crete Concrete to perform this job for you.

West-Crete Concrete- for the best turf laying job:

West-Crete Concrete specialises in offering a professional and complete turf laying service that includes offering care and maintenance. Here we specialise in working on contracts of different sizes starting from small home gardens. where are just several rolls of lawn turfs are required to commercial, large-scale applications like industrial estates or caravan parks. Apart from laying turf, at this company in Castle Hill, we also specialise in clearing rubble or building plots and removing existing turf. Besides, in the case of natural turf, we offer the best quality fertilisers and topsoil to make sure that the turf has the best start and keeps on flourishing after being laid.

Types of turfs that we lay:

The turf types that we offer at West-Crete Concrete are based entirely on the preference of the homeowners as well as the climate conditions of the gardens. So, you can choose from freshly laid and artificial turf. Here come the details of each type of turf:

Freshly laid turf is vulnerable to drought and therefore this needs constant watering with large sprinklers. The best times to lay turf are from January to April. One of the advantages of this type of turf is also very toddler-friendly and therefore are highly preferred by families with kids. Another best thing about the freshly laid turf is that it comes with several benefits. Some of these are the ability to absorb air and noise pollution and purify the air.

Artificial turf is another option which is popular with people who do not like, or who struggle with weeding, mowing, and taking proper care of a lawn. Besides, this is also a low-maintenance alternative for rental properties. The best thing about the artificial turf is that it can be laid on different types of surfaces like rooftop gardens, balconies, offices, cafes, playgrounds or some other domestic properties. Another great thing about this type of turf is that it is highly pet-friendly and therefore the pets can’t damage it.

How do we do it?

Depending on your preferences and your property type in Castle Hill, here is a step by step detail of the turf laying service that we offer at West-Crete Concrete.

  • We start by measuring the garden or space where you want to lay the turf
  • Then we offer advice on the right type of turf depending on your location as well as the specific condition of the laying space
  • Next, we offer a quote
  • Subsequently, we organise the delivery of the turf on a day that is convenient for our clients
  • Therefore, we lay the turf and cut the turf as per the client’s requirements
  • Last but not least, we offer our clients advice on both long-term and immediate aftercare of the turf
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