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Qualified Turf Laying Specialists in Baulkham Hills at the Best Price

Are you planning to add beauty to the outdoor areas? Have you given a thought about turf laying lately? If yes, then the first thing you need is the assistance of the right professionals who can do it for you efficiently West-Crete Concrete is the name you can trust for the best service in the area. We claim to be the best in the business in Baulkham Hills and there are good reasons for this

How We Work

We follow a 3-step process for the turf laying

Step 1: Lawn Preparation

There is no place for excess moisture on the ground if you want to make sure that the turf you are planning to lay grow healthily. We use lawn leveller after setting the turf underlay. Our experts make sure that the underlay we use consists of the necessary organic matter. They can drain any excess water and at the same time can apply the correct amount water for enough turf growth.

Step 2: Turf Laying

Usually, the turf we use for turf laying is usually 200 mm wide and 2 meters long. We get started with the edge of the garden and gradually come in the middle. Our aim always remains is to cover up the gaps of the ground. Our professionals use hedge shears to make sure that the turf is in shape and completely covering the area. You may not realise but leaving gaps at the edges will lead the turf to dry out.

Step 3: Lawn Aftercare

We don’t consider that our work of turf laying at your Baulkham Hills premises to be done until we make sure that appropriate measures in place for aftercare. The way we lay the first dressing of the lawn ensures that you will not need to take care of the lawn over the next 12 months. However, after that, you might need some re-levelling work that our support team can do. We also make sure that the turf always remains nutrient-rich and looks just the way you want.

We Offer the Most Budget-Friendly Service

By assessing your lifestyle needs, residents in Baulkham Hills can always enjoy a budget friendly service. You can compare our prices with any of our competitors and you will soon realise that we are undoubtedly the most economical option you will find in your local area.

We Offer the Largest Landscape Range

The landscape range we offer is undoubtedly the best in the business. It is indeed the largest landscape range from where you can choose your option suitable for turf laying. Beautify your outdoor space the way you want by using our service. Our experienced and friendly team will be there at your service from the beginning to the end.

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Call us on 0408 288 758 and place your query. Get a free quote today that is well estimated according to the size of your lawn. Book our services today and enjoy a gorgeous and lush green outdoor lawn in Baulkham Hills at the best price possible.

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