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Specialised Garden Maintenance

West-Crete Concrete –The Best Garden Maintenance In Epping

Are you looking for same-day garden maintenance in Epping? In that case, you need not look any further than us at West-Crete Concrete. You can get in touch with us in any way that you want to. You can call us, or you can also visit our official website where you will be able to book a quote for such a service. The best part of this is that you can do all this at your own convenience. Right up front, we will provide you a written obligation-free quote. This way from the very start you will have a clear idea of how much the project will cost you.

How do we work?

We normally follow a well-defined method when it comes to garden maintenance work. Firstly, we will visit your garden and only after that we are able to provide you a correct estimate for the project. This will allow us to assess how big or small the garden is and what kind of condition it is in right now. After that, we will discuss with you as to what needs to be done for the garden.

Our suggestions and advice

It is during these discussions that we will offer you our advice and suggestions with regards to garden maintenance for your Epping property. We will also provide you a price for the project that should ideally be within the budget that you have in mind for such a project. We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Ongoing garden maintenance
  • Seasonal shrub and tree pruning
  • One-time garden clean up
  • Fertilising and mulching
  • Weeding
  • Lawn mowing

Do you want to do something bigger with your garden?

We can help

You can trust us to help you with your larger garden maintenance projects around Epping as well. Do you want to install automated water solutions in your garden? Do you want to design your garden in such a way that it does not use a lot of water? You don’t need to worry because we have immense experience in all such types of work. We will help you achieve all that you want to for your garden. Our team of professionals is fully trained in such work. We can advise you on all aspects of garden care such as the following:

  • Seasonal soil PH level testing
  • Plant selection
  • Soil composition
  • Plant fertilisation and mulching
  • Plant placement

We will help you by explaining to you what kinds of lawns work well in which settings and why do they do so. We will show you how to make the roots of your different plants stronger. We will advise you on avoiding damaging your flowers and plants at the time you are applying fertilizers on them. We will also tell you the best watering systems and agents that you can use for your garden. Through us, you can access the many franchisees that work for us and get all the help you need.

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